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Hey everybody,

This is your Chief Blog Editor, Chris, with a brief update. For those of you who don’t know, our first tasting of the school year is Friday, September 20, focusing on Chardonnay. I’d just take this opportunity to point your attention up to the events link on the navigation bar on top of the site, where you’ll see the full event entry for that Chardonnay Tasting tomorrow evening with all of the details.

As we get going this year, we’re going to have a fuller slate of events posted, with contact and sign-up information available for future events. Keep checking back, and you’ll get a good view of what the Society is doing and how to get involved.

So keep your eyes open, and that’s enough from me. I’ll leave you to read Theresa’s excellent post on tasting wines below, and tell you to check back in soon; we have some excellent pieces coming in our continuing introduction series, and a post from our former Wine Czar Byron, who’s in South Africa right now and has quite a bit to say about it.

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