Executive Board:


Jeremy Siegfried
President/Wine Czar


Annabel Cherry
Treasurer/Wine Czarina


Lynn Thomas
Vice President


Bobby Kissel
Chief Blog Editor


Matt Rosenthal
Social Chair

Faculty Advisor:

Professor Dorf
Michael Dorf
Robert S. Stevens Professor of Law

Current Associates

Name Title Member Since`
Ryan Berube Spring 2012
Lauren Thomas Spring 2012
Evan Babcock Spring 2012
Casey Duffy Spring 2012
Hai Pham Spring 2012
Annie Fuoto Fall 2012
Greg Renick Fall 2012
Kate Davis Fall 2012
Randolph Yiap Fall 2012
Renata Filler Fall 2012
Russ Heller Fall 2012
Serena Hsieh Fall 2012
Tristan Welham Fall 2012
Tom Haremza Fall 2012
Chris Benedik Spring 2013
Shayona Dhanak Spring 2013
Joseph Fan Spring 2013
William Grigg Spring 2013
Claire Holton-Basaldua Spring 2013
Michaela Laird Spring 2013
Heather Powell Spring 2013
Amy Stephenson Spring 2013
Nathan Taylor Spring 2013
Tom Horan Spring 2013

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