The Society of Wine and Jurisprudence accepts submissions for publication from a variety of authors.* If you’re interesting in submitting an article, we recommend that it be between 500-800 words and concern a topic relating to wine, beverage policy or the law (preferably a mix of all three). Citations are encouraged, but don’t need to be excessive. All submissions should be sent to our editor at Please include your name, a short biography, and the the make/vintage of the best bottle of wine you’ve had in the last month. Once you submit your piece, our editor will get back to you within a few days, if it’s substantially publishable.

We look forward to hearing from you!

*We are proud to have published pieces by students and professors from a variety of schools, including:

- Boston University School of Law
- Brooklyn Law School
- Chapman University School of Law
- Columbia Law School
- Cornell Law School
- Creighton University School of Law
- Duke University School of Law
- Emory University School of Law
- Harvard Law School
- University of Sydney.

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